Kavan Choksi- Key Reasons To Invest and Build Wealth With The Share Market in the USA


The Stock Exchange in the USA is one of the largest stock exchanges in the world. It has a diversified and varied list of companies that one can invest in. The market comprises a wide range of sectors like technology, automobile, energy, and more.

Reasons To Invest and Build Wealth With The Share Market

Kavan Choksi – build wealth with the share market in the USA 

 Business expert Kavan Choksi has invaluable knowledge of cryptocurrency investments and the share market. According to him, the efficiency of shares in the USA is high, and you can get immense opportunities when you invest in them.

America houses Silicon Valley, known for its dynamic innovation that surfaces practically every day. New companies and startup businesses merge with products and commodities in the market frequently, and they capture the attention of potential investors.

For instance, in 2004, one share of Google (now known as Alphabet in the share market), when its IPO was launched, was valued at USD 85. In 2021, the value of the same single share hiked up to USD 2402.22. Besides the above, the stock market in the USA provides investors with several opportunities to invest in new innovative technologies like Biopharma, machine learning, and artificial intelligence.

According to him, an investor can select any company of his choice and target high returns from share investments and usa phone number list. Companies like Amazon and Facebook have modest beginnings in garages; however, their growth in the market has been phenomenal, so look out for them in the market so that you do not miss anything.


 When you invest in shares in the US market, you can diversify your individual portfolio as this market gives you several avenues for investment in gold, finance, technology, and automobile. Investing some part of your assets in the USA market helps you to become independent of your local market and economy. This is significant because, as you witnessed last year, the stock market in the USA quickly recovered from the dip it suffered due to the COVID-19 pandemic. The above is evidence that the stock market in the USA has a solid foundation.

Global access and reach

 The stock markets in the USA are global as organizations from across the world are listed on NYSE and NASDAQ. This means you can invest in businesses from Japan, Germany, China, etc. The markets in the USA offer you access to a global market like no other stock market in the world does. Its reach across the globe is unparalleled. The USA stock market helps you to maintain a diverse portfolio. It helps you at the same time to reduce your portfolio risks, as they will be spread across several companies across the globe.

According to business expert Kavan Choksi, the stock market in the USA has 500 of the biggest companies listed on it. The S&P 500 index lies on the market capitalization these companies listed on the NYSE and NASDAQ generate. This list includes names like Tesla, Amazon, Facebook, JP Morgan, and Chase, Alphabet (Google) and others have successfully outperformed themselves every single year and contributes to 27.5% of the total market capitalization in the share market.

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