How to start a business there?


Before embarking on the creation of a business in this territory of the Emirates, it is more than ever essential to carry out forecasts and market studies before settling in. Indeed, the local market is not the same and more and more entrepreneurs are choosing to go abroad to start their business. In addition, making the choice between an off-shore activity or not requires careful thought. It is also necessary to ensure that the category of the company that you are going to create is not governed by the obligation of a majority investor living in the emirates.

To start a business in Dubai, in a free zone, you will first have to determine and choose your location (IT, commerce, health, services, etc.). Once this decisive choice has been made, the acquisition of a license is essential. For this, a form must be completed, accompanied by the supporting documents requested, your visa application can also be made at the same time for more simplicity.

Once this formality has been completed, it will also be necessary to take care of the creation of a business bank account with a whole set of documents to collect and forms to fill out.

What steps to take?

Before you start filling out your business creation forms and gathering the required documents for setting up in Dubai, it is important to start writing your articles of association as soon as your market research is finalized. You will have to focus on writing “ memorandum & articles of association ” which mentions:

– the purpose of the company,

– its name,

– his seat,

– the amount of share capital,

– the identity of the contributors of capital,

– the conditions for capital contributions,

When your file is complete and you have managed to collect all the documents requested, you will have to submit your file to the Dubai registration office, which will give you a favorable or negative response within an average of 3 weeks . If your file is validated, you will receive the documents attesting to the creation of your free-zone company fairly quickly, including the original of the certificate of incorporation, your license, the statutes and the stamp of your company. These documents will present your sesame for entering the territory and starting your new professional activity.

To support you in carrying out these procedures, it is often advisable to surround yourself with a professional , especially when it comes to registration outside the border and potentially in a free zone. In any case, the applicable rules of law are not the same, it is advisable to inform yourself well and surround yourself well when starting this new activity to reassure you and be sure not to make any mistakes.

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